October 27, 2020

About John

John Lemoine Bio:

John Lemoine is Fully bilingual, French and English

He started his illustrious career with Procter and Gamble where he spent 12 years as a rep in Saskatoon,  a National Sales Trainer in Toronto, and finally as a Sales Manager in Winnipeg for Man./Sask.

John also has owned and operated a commercial wood based furniture manufacturing company in Winnipeg.  From small parochial manufacturer, became Canada’s second largest health care furniture manufacturer, with 50 % of production exported to the US.  He managed 75 employees and eventually sold it to a large international Norwegian company who wanted to enter Canada’s health care market.

Later John was offered a position at Business Development Bank (federal crown corporation) in Winnipeg.  After one year became full time staff and Senior Manager Branch Operations.  Promoted and transferred to Montreal HO within 1 and ½ years to be Director National Programs for Canada.

John eventually found his way to Calgary and decided to pursue his interest and passion for lending, by helping other fellow Canadians as a Mortgage Associate.  John is certified and specializes in assisting Canadians learn how to turn their existing mortgage into a tax deductable mortgage.

John has served on several boards through his career and is Married to his lovely wife Julia.  Together they have 5 children, and 9 grandchildren.

John’s long life experience enables him to look at people’s personal financing situations with knowledge and good advice.  Trust your finances with someone who has lived through various Canadian Real Estate Markets.  Trust experience.